Please make your pledge to read with us here.   This is a one year commitment.  If you've joined us after January 1st, no problem.  We will help you keep track of your start and end dates.  Thanks for joining this MISSION... I have no idea where it's going to take us but, I do know our Father is in charge.  


​You will receive an email from us daily.  In

365 days we will have read God Word in it's


Dear Rita's Warrior.....

I come to you as Rita's Daughter...a mother, sister, aunt, friend, widow and Christian!!!  I'm gonna just shoot it straight here with you all.  I'm ANGRY!!!  I'm not angry with God, the designer of all things good and perfect, I am DISGUSTED with the darkness and evil of the world.  I am certain God didn't create cancer or the evil spirits that surround it.  That's why I'M HERE... READY FOR WAR - FOR MY MOM and MY HEAVENLY FATHER!!!  The cancer that took my mom, Aunt Grace and Grandfather is so under-the-radar... It's evil, quite and little is known of it (comparatively speaking) than other cancers.  That's gonna stop with RITA'S ARMY!!!  We aren't brain surgeons but we are on fire for what happened to our mother and the mission she instilled in all of her kids, grandkids (and anyone who would listen) - THE WORD OF GOD!  

So, it's not much more than this... we are gonna read every day and in due time we will have some fundraisers for GBM research and whereever God leads us....  

Mostly, we just wanna be still - listen to Our Father and follow Him, just like my mom taught us all to do!!!

Please join here and everyday you will get an email with the days verses.  After 365 days we will have read through the entire Bible together and hopefully exposed GBM and helped bring light in hopes of some day finding a cure!!!

God bless ALL of you,

Sheila Richey

​(Rita's Daughter)