Rita’s Army, a through the year bible journey, is being lovingly assembled to establish the work , life and legacy of Rita Slaughter Davis, a wife, mother, sister, grandmother, community leader and great American patriot who dedicated her life to serving her community, but most important of all her Savior, Jesus Christ.

When Rita was a very young girl, her father died of brain cancer.  Through some very tough times and unfortunate circumstances, Rita immersed herself in the Bible as a teen, specifically the book of Psalms.  During those years, not only did she give her life to Christ - she fell in love with the living Word of God.  She spent the rest of her life spreading and embracing the Scriptures.  

On May 1st, 2017… Rita was unexpectedly diagnosed with the most aggressive form of cancer known to man.  In the medical community, it is widely considered the worst diagnoses a person can receive.  Hence, the cognomen “The Terminator”.    She faced down Glioblastoma (GBM) with a great amount of strength, courage and peace.  This gruesome disease took her life quickly and brutally, but we rest knowing it was the last fight she would ever have to endure.  Our mission is to come together in honor of this great lady!

We ask you to read the Bible with us every day, not for Rita, but for your own growth with the Lord.  It was Rita’s great desire for everyone to walk a closer walk with Jesus.  Our family started this mission originally in support of her son, Jody Slaughter, who was diagnosed in the fall of 2015 with stage 4 renal cancer.   A terminal form of cancer.  Jody, was given just months to live, but in the two years we read with “Jody’s Bible Journey 365”, we were blessed by having thousands of readers complete the entire Bible with us.   Praise God, Jody has been cured from his cancer.  A real miracle!  So, as we move forward in this new chapter with the bible journey in the years to come, we are anxious to raise awareness of Rita’s much under researched cancer, Glioblastoma (GBM).  

We look forward to raising funds to help fight this disgusting disease.  We excitedly invite an “Army” of believers, also non-believers, into God’’s Word every day by reading along with us.  We look forward to continuing the legacy of a woman who not only taught her family to love God, but also lead her community to know God through His Word.   She was a leader, and we are determined to continue her great work!!  

Please join us as we assemble Rita’s Army… Cancer may have taken her body, but it will not defeat the purpose of her life…….  

God bless each of you, and may God bless and raise up Rita’s Army!!!  

Sheila Richey
(aka.. Rita’s Daughter)




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READ THE BIBLE WITH US EVERYDAY - Nothing would please God more and really make Satan's work on earth far more difficult  JOIN RITA'S ARMY!!! 

Cancer took Rita from this world, but her mission to serve Jesus lives on through all of us.  It may have taken her body but her beliefs live on here!  

There are several ways you can follow our planned through the year study.  

  • Read online here daily 
  • Read your physical ONE YEAR BIBLE 
  • Listen to the ONE YEAR BIBLE audio here
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What makes this Bible reading plan different...

We will start January 1st with Genesis 1:1, Psalms 1:1, Proverbs 1:1 and Matthew 1:1.  Each day we will have a short reading from each of those areas - by the end of the year we will have read through the entire Bible.  

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